Node is a concept for a participatory urban planning platform, ​​giving local residents a voice in shaping the communities they live in. Node leverages AR to allow community residents to discover local urban planning projects and contribute their feedback in an engaging, time-efficient way. As a platform that supports flexible and user-friendly forms of giving feedback, Node closes the communication gap between urban planners and community members and makes the public engagement process more equitable.


User playing a level of Brightlove. Cece sprays an evil monster with love potion to transform it into a kind creature.


Brightlove is a mobile game for Android devices that encourages players to be kind and to take action, rather than be mere bystanders. A refreshing contrast to the violence that often permeates mobile games, Brightlove encourages positive actions and rewards kindness.

Google Play
Design / Creative Direction

Mockup of the design of's outreach site on a computer

My first project on the team focused on refactoring the front-end of to integrate the U.S. Web Design System 2.0, ultimately improving site usability and accessibility. My second project involved a week-long sprint designing a separate outreach site that would live on a subdomain of The site would serve as a hub for information about open source, from how to document open source projects to cultivating collaborative coding communities. via Coding it Forward
Front-End Development / Design

Design and Analysis of an Artificial Intelligence Based System for Real-Time Detection of Texting and Driving

Using a cell phone to talk or text while a vehicle is in motion impairs driving performance and increases the likelihood of serious crashes. This solution uses a machine learning-enabled video camera to automatically recognize the usage of mobile devices in the driver’s seat through object detection. 

University of Pittsburgh

The Keds Handbook for Women

The inaugural issue of the Keds Handbook for Women revolves around the theme of Power and features the incredible stories of real women who are challenging the written and unwritten rules of what a woman is supposed to be, do, say, and look. I photographed poet and activist Aija Mayrock for the handbook as part of the Spring 2020 campaign.


Design and Realization of Alzheimer’s Artificial Intelligence Technologies

AAIT is a management system for caregivers that employs artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of things (IoT) devices to increase the independence and mobility of Alzheimer’s patients while also establishing safety measures. 

University of Pittsburgh

Pulse Spikes

Pulse Spikes is a magazine made by and for youth focusing on entertainment, entrepreneurship, and activism.

Pulse Spikes
Media / Leadership


Time Journal

Time Journal is a time management web application and everyday journal.

Personal Project

Keeping It 100

“Keeping It 100” is a series profiling artists on the rise alongside the launch of the Fujifilm X-T100 camera.