Time Journal

Time Journal is a time management web application and everyday journal.


Time Journal is a web application that serves as both an everyday journal and time management tool. Users can log their activities as their day progresses, noting down their emotions and review of the activity as well as when they completed the activity. The algorithm saves all of these activities so that the user can then view all of the activities they’ve recorded for a given day at any later point. Furthermore, the algorithm analyzes the user’s recorded activities to create a summary of how the user allocated their time for a given day and then provides the user with suggestions on how they could potentially better spend their time to lead a healthier and happier life.

Features: journal and notes, activity log, pie chart time breakdown summary, advice generator

Visit Time Journal and see the code behind the web app.

Time Journal add activity form


  • JavaScript: Bring the journal to life with an interactive slideshow, sorted table, and pie chart data visualizer
  • SQL: Execute database queries that allow for user registration, login/logout, activity records, and notes
  • Python: Data analysis and visualization of logged activities
  • HTML: Build pages balanced with text, buttons, forms, and media
  • CSS: Create a simple design for a minimalist user interface